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Faster, cheaper and safer mobile money ecosystem growth: Previously, partner onboarding was a time-consuming manual process. The MoMo developer portal has digitalized and accelerated partner onboarding and activation process. It saves time previously spent on submitting paperwork and a lengthy standard integration. The API sandbox facilitates concurrent testing and development, expediting application development. All this has reduced time and effort related to developing and launching new services for both developers and MTN.

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Registering on the portal, using the APIs and testing in the Sandbox, is free for developers to encourage experimentation, however, after go live MTN earns revenue from fees on transactions. This makes it cost-effective for developers and commercially viable for MTN simultaneously. Additionally, testing in the API Sandbox environment reduces risks and application can be deployed more confidently in live production. Overall, this faster, cheaper and safer Open API approach has enabled more enterprises and merchants to leverage MTN MoMo platform, resulting in faster partner ecosystem growth for MTN.

Welcome to the Montana Cans Download Platform. Please find below the free download links for the available color charts and brochures. Please note that colors may vary from screen to screen, printer to printer. A professional real tone color swatch will soon be available for purchase for the Montana GOLD/TECH/EFFECT ranges. For more information please contact your local store or distributor. 041b061a72

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